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1. Draw your own design or choose a pattern. You can outline your pencil drawing with brush and ink for a more artistic line. Any lines left showing in the finished work add to the beauty of the design.


3. Use different amounts of pressure in your coloring


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2. Start your drawing with the lightest colors .Your drawing will have many layers of color.
The beauty of colored pencil drawing is found in seeing the transparency of the layers
to form new colors.


4. A few drops of baby oil are used with a Q-tip to blend the colored pencil drawing colors. This makes the colors glow. Add additional color on top of the drawing with your colored pencils to achieve your desired color. Scanned the drawing, or take a digital photo and print from your computer. The use of baby oil may affect the longevity of your artwork. However, in today’s digital world, by using a computer to print your artwork you can achieve very interesting results easily and quickly using this technique. This drawing is on 110 card stock 8/2 by 11 inches.