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As a teacher I’ve had some interesting experiences. One morning in my kindergarten class I was speaking to one of my students about his behavior when he suddenly took a box of crayons and threw them on the floor in front of my feet. This was the first time that ever happened to me. This little five-year-old was not a happy camper. At the end of school I called his mother to tell her about his behavior. When I told her that kindergarten students do not do this she informed me of the following “he was probably bored!” The Kindergarten class was making Mother’s Day cards. I informed the mother that kindergartners do not possess the right to be bored. The kindergarten teacher was standing near me in the office as I talked to the mother about her child’s behavior. At the end of the call the Kindergarten teacher said to me “you were pretty hard on that mother.” I really liked the kindergarten teacher. She was such a talented woman and I greatly respected her ability to teach kindergarten children. A few weeks passed and there was another incident with this particular kindergarten boy. It was not in my art class this time, but in the kindergarten class. The little boy was angry at his teacher and decided to leave the school. The kindergarten teacher had to chase him halfway down the block on the sidewalk and physically retrieve him to her class.

Another interesting incident I had as a teacher was while I was teaching at our Midland Center for the Arts. I was teaching a teenage class in drawing. It was the very first day of class. As the students were filing into my class, a mother of one of the students approached me. The class was for 2 hours. She stated the following, “I should be back before his medication wears off!” Thoughts raced through my mind. Today we have many children who suffer from attention deficit syndrome and take medication. What would happen if she was late? I’ll never forget this boy. He became so involved with his artwork that he never even left his seat or spoke to another student.

We all get bored at some time. Today with all the hundreds of channels on television sometimes it’s hard to find something interesting to watch. The news is repetitive and often discusses issues that are really depressing. Movie channels tend to rerun the same movies over and over again. New movies can be extremely violent and crude. Creative children and adults who know how to draw are not bored. They never run out of subjects to draw.

Are you aware that more money is spent on video games than on film and music combined?

We Need New Skills Today to Make Money

In today’s job market, jobs in traditional industries have been moved to other countries such as India and China. Because they pay their labor such low fees they can make products so much cheaper than American workers. Today’s universities are producing students who cannot get jobs like their parents did easily after graduating college. We live in a new era. Imagination is the key to success. The ability to draw allows us to express our imaginative ideas in the best possible way visually. Drawing is a universally understood language for all cultures around the world. Skill in drawing is not just for people who enjoy hobbies and art; it is essential for those who want to communicate their ideas worldwide.