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Drawing is the foundation of art.
If you complete The Artist’s Secret™ to
Drawing program you will:

*Amaze your friends and family with original drawings.
*Enter other art courses with confidence.
*Develop your creativity.

What Students Age 10 to 83 Have to Say...

  • The Artist’s Secret™ to Drawing program showed me something I thought was hard to draw isn’t.
  • What a wonderful experience! I am amazed at the beautiful art I was able to draw using The Artist’s Secret, reference points, values, etc. I could not draw at all! I was nervous and intimi-dated when I started. Now I feel comfortable and creative in my own work.
  • Very good program. You helped. You move quick. Good material.
  • The program is great. I like the structure progression and instruction of technique. I especially love having a finished piece.
  • I definitely improved my drawing skill. I was very impressed with the difference in my be-fore and after pictures.
  • Great program. Also appreciate that this was a true beginner course.
  • In the first 34 minutes of the video I learned about values—not only how to look for them but how to sketch them. I learned about refer-ence points—how important they are and also how much easier drawing is if you use them. I also learned drawing can be “fun.”
  • The video is exceptionally good. Points of Reference really helped. I had never heard of that.
  • I started an Art curriculum in college, but got very discouraged and switched to elementary education. I’ve always regretted that. Over the past 44 years I have occasionally taken a painting class but have not done so in 14 years. I am loving all of this so much. I now wish I learned this 44 years ago. I really got a lot out of this program. Thank you.
  • I am amazed that starting with simple lines can turn into a detailed drawing. The use of shading is very interesting.