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Years of testing have shown that our students, ages 10 – 83, with no experience in drawing, learn to draw what they see after watching the first 34 minutes of our video and completing 4 simple 5 minute exercise sheets.

If you want to learn the art of drawing, order today and begin a hobby that can last a lifetime.

What is Included in the The Artist’s Secret® to Drawing Program?

93 minute video plus 116 page eBook with drawing aids and special drawing exercises on PDF file plus drawing references designed to maximize your learning experience in jpeg format on CD.

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What Students Age 10 to 83 Have to Say...

The Artist’s Secret™ to Drawing program showed me something I thought was hard to draw isn’t.

What a wonderful experience! I am amazed at the beautiful art I was able to draw using The Artist’s Secret, reference points, values, etc. I could not draw at all! I was nervous and intimidated when I started. Now I feel comfortable and creative in my own work.

Very good program. You helped. You move quick. Good material.

The program is great. I like the structure progression and instruction of technique. I especially love having a finished piece.

I definitely improved my drawing skill. I was very impressed with the difference in my be-fore and after pictures.

Great program. Also appreciate that this was a true beginner course.

In the first 34 minutes of the video I learned about values—not only how to look for them but how to sketch them. I learned about reference points—how important they are and also how much easier drawing is if you use them. I also learned drawing can be “fun.”

The video is exceptionally good. Points of Reference really helped. I had never heard of that.

I started an Art curriculum in college, but got very discouraged and switched to elementary education. I’ve always regretted that. Over the past 44 years I have occasionally taken a painting class but have not done so in 14 years. I am loving all of this so much. I now wish I learned this 44 years ago. I really got a lot out of this program. Thank you.

I am amazed that starting with simple lines can turn into a detailed drawing. The use of shading is very interesting.