Not only is drawing the basis of all art and craft, but in addition recent medical research has proven the simple act of drawing can actually cause positive changes in the human brain.

How To Draw

How I discovered the Artist’s Secret ® to Drawing

As an art teacher, I really now love teaching beginning children and adults how to draw. This has not always been the case.

 Something totally amazing happened to me in my 15th year of teaching art.

I was in my fifth year of teaching elementary art at St. Brigid‘s school. My previous years of teaching had been at the secondary level.

I will never forget an extraordinary experience I had while demonstrating how to draw to my fifth grade art class. I love drawing and was excellent in my ability to easily draw what I saw. My students always admired my drawings. At that time I was using standard art education methods, the kind that every book and video includes on how to draw for beginners. I told my students to “watch me draw a cat in my demonstration and do what I was doing.”

A short boy with blond hair and blue eyes standing on my right side, watched me draw the cat and said “oh no you’re not!”

All of the sudden, I had a student telling me that I didn’t know what I was doing. I was shocked! Everyone was always in awe of my talent when I demonstrated drawing. I could’ve told him to sit down and be quiet. But I did not do that. Instead I asked him a simple question. That short blonde haired boys answer set off a light bulb in my mind.

Carrousel Studios

My life changed in that moment in the classroom teaching drawing to my fifth-graders art class.

I told my students to do one small thing differently. With that very small change every single student was able to draw what they saw easily, quickly and accurately. I had been teaching art to these students for six years including kindergarten.

What they were able to draw was nothing short of a miracle.

Sometimes when something extraordinary happens, it is a one-time event and never happens again. For five more years I tested my fifth grade class in the same way. Every single student responded with excellent accurate drawings changing only one small thing.

For 7 years I tested not only 10-year-old children, but teenage children and adults as old as 83 with no experience in drawing. Their results were identical to my fifth grade students. Every single student learned how to draw easily and accurately what they saw.

There is no program available that can match what this new revolutionary technique can do. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to see the look on children and adults faces when they can accomplish something they thought was impossible to do so quickly and easily.

It’s not talent

it is hand eye coordination

this method is learned within 34 minutes

of using our program The Artist’s Secret® product.