About The Artist

Cheri Marlow is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BA degree in art education.

Her classroom experience teaching elementary and secondary students spanned more than 20 years. At the Midland Center for the Arts, she taught classes and workshops for both children and adults.

In her 15th year of teaching drawing in her fifth grade art class at St. Brigid elementary school, she discovered an amazing secret to teach children 10 years old how to draw easily in one lesson accurately what they saw. Years of testing this unique program followed. Testing was done on both children of all ages including both elementary, secondary levels and adults as old as 83 years of age with no experience in drawing. In 2002 she formed her internet business called Carrousel Studios. She continues teaching children and adults how to draw throughout the United States. Over the years she has had thousands of students.

Her drawing program is very unique. It allows people who have absolutely no experience in drawing the ability to teach others how to draw by viewing the first 34 minutes of video and completing four simple exercises that are included with the program. Her entire program was originally designed to be self teaching and sold to individuals on the Internet. However, having the ability to teach groups of children and adults is very valuable especially since the facilitator does not need any knowledge of art or drawing.

Carrousel Studios