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Protect Life

There is an interesting website on the Internet.

This site is

When you click on this site, you will see different kinds of counters reflecting the activity in abortion around the world.
It is stunning to see the ever-changing numbers of abortions going higher and higher indicating the death of babies in the United States and around the world. Some statistics state that one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by the age of 45.

Since the decision by the United States Supreme Court of Roe versus Wade in 1973, this website showed at that time I looked at it on January 22, 2019 that 60, 996,878 abortions were done in the United States. The number is astounding.

With the invention of ultrasound, babies can be seen in the womb developing from extreme early stages. Many young people in their teens both boys and girls are now actively promoting the saving of babies lives in the womb. They have seen 30 or 40 ultrasound pictures of their young unborn brothers and sisters in their mother’s womb. They are fully aware these little babies need to be protected. The Right to Life March happens at the end of January in Washington DC to promote the protection of babies’ lives in the womb. The Right to Life March held in January 2019 was reported to have had over 100,000 people marching peacefully to bring attention to the atrocities of abortion. It is a peaceful march with inspirational speakers from all races and occupations.  Politicians join with teenagers speaking about why they choose to walk in the bitter cold of January to promote the protection of babies’ lives in the womb.

The national news media fully ignores this massive March for life.

As I watched countless teenage boys and girls marching with men and women I was struck by their joyful appearance. They are like young happy warriors
engaging in a battle for life not death.

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As an artist I chose the graphic of Martin Luther King Jr. because of his great March for equal rights for all races. They marched peacefully wearing suits and ties and dressed in nice clothing. They saw something was terribly wrong in the United States where races of our citizens were divided into different groups. One group had privilege and the other group was restricted from some of the most basic human rights. It takes courage to stand up against oppression. Martin Luther King gave his life trying to make a better world.

I used to think it was up to each woman to decide what to do about abortion. Abortion is an abstract word. I really didn’t know what that word meant. While watching Mother Angelica, a Catholic nun who founded EWTN, the largest religious media network in the world reaching 268 million households in145 countries and territories, I discovered something I did not know. In one of her late 1990s programs, which was aired on EWTN, mother Angelica described in detail what is done in late-term abortion to the baby in the womb.

I was shocked and horrified.

After watching that show I did nothing. Weeks later, I began to make some doodles on a piece of lined notebook paper. I have not drawn with a pencil on lined notebook paper since I was in high school. I looked at the image and saw that it resembled a baby full term in the womb. It took me a while to erase all the lines on the paper in Photoshop. What emerged was interesting drawing that turned into 53 different designs of refrigerator magnets promoting the protection of babies’ lives in the womb.

Over the past six years, with the help of children from my church and another church in our city, 5000 refrigerator magnets and bookmarks of my design were donated to our local Right to Life Organization to be given away at our County fair in August.

The more people understand a baby in the womb is a precious gift from God,

 the more we can influence people to save the lives

of unborn babies in the womb.